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        SAM Developments Pty. Ltd. have spent several years researching and developing the Raised Bed Management System and were awarded the prestigious Australian invention of the year award in 1990. SAM manufacture high quality farm machinery for use in both horticultural and broadacre Raised Bed farming which increases yield while improving soil structure.

The key advantage of the SAM Horticultural Raised Bed Management system is the quantum leap in productivity achieved with the development of the Bedlocker and the Power Weeder/S-Tyne Weeder which permits many additional processes such as seeding,  know more>>

SAM have developed and produce three types of machinery for use in Broadacre Raised Bed Farming, the BEDFORMER, LISTER BAR and the coil tyne CONVERT-A-COMBINE to Direct Drill kits. Conversion kits can be built to suit most older type & make know more>>

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“Our RBM weeder is now in its 10th year of service, honestly this machine is excellent, we’ve used it every week since we purchased the system and congratulate SAM for a job well done.”

PAUL FARM OVERSEER, Maffra victoria.

“We received the bedformer in good shape and have put it to work with great results.The design and workmanship are first class and we are extremely happy with our purchase.”

Kai Halford in Kununurra, Western Australia

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