Rise of samd

In 1991 the Department of Industry, Technology and Commerce approved SAM a research and development grant. This was used to further the development of the company’s RBM Concept. The project was completed in early 1994 with the approval of a complete system of Bedformer, Bedlocker and Weeder/cultivator known as the ‘S.A.M. RBM System’.

During the course of the project SAM also developed a range of seeders known as the ‘Samseeder’. The Samseeder is manufactured in Wodonga, are robust by design and can be mounted on rotary hoes, power harrows, direct drills, etc. A full range includes small seeds boxes, seed only, seed and fertiliser boxes and the new ‘UREA Hoppers’ up to 1 tonne capacity. To date there are approximately 47 designs all based around sustainability and the conversion of old equipment to new.

SAM has won numerous awards throughout its existence for the machinery it has invented and produced. The most prominent being The Land newspaper Inventor of the Year at the Australian National Field Days in Orange, 1990.

One Pass Bed Renovator for Raised Bed Farming and Raised Bed Management
Raised Bed Management - RBM System - Raised Bed Farming