SAM have developed and produce three types of machinery for use in Broadacre Raised Bed Farming, the BEDFORMERLISTER BARand the coil tyne CONVERT-A-COMBINE to Direct Drill kits. Conversion kits can be built to suit most older type & make combines for both raised beds and conventional farming methods. SAM also build AGROWDRILLS to work on raised beds.


SAM’s LISTER BAR is a highly adjustable furrow lister, designed specifically to prepare soil ready for bedforming. Especially useful in rough conditions where the soil is littered with rocks/roots or hard clay type soils, the LISTER BAR (fitted with deep rippers & furrowers) ‘pre mark’ or ‘tram track’ the paddock to the required safe furrow depth in preparation for the BEDFORMER. more…


After the soil has been prepared, your SAM BEDFORMER is used to form uniform, level, full-width beds in one pass. Bed top compaction is fully adjustable and furrow centres are designed to be compatible with your existing machinery. The system is designed to make converting to raised bed farming as simple as possible. more…

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