Lister Bar 



Comes ready to work

  • Modular, Bolted construction for versatility:
  • 4″ x 4″ x 3/8 RHS toolbars + ( 4 x 2 triangular frames)
  • Manual wheel assemblies (15″ light truck tyres)
  • 4 x 24″ Agrowplow front rippers (shear pin protected)
  • 4 x (10″ base) adjustable furrow shovels, + 3″ x 1″ legs
  • 4 x Pioneer wedge & clamps (friction trip protection)
  • Cat 3, 3 point linkage.

SAM’s LISTER BAR is a highly adjustable furrow lister, designed specifically to prepare soil ready for bedforming. Especially useful in rough conditions where the soil is littered with rocks/roots or hard clay type soils, the LISTER BAR (fitted with deep rippers & furrowers) ‘pre mark’ or ‘tram track’ the paddock to the required safe furrow depth in preparation for the BEDFORMER. Farmers with less acreage and lower horsepower tractors would combine this procedure and then use a smaller tractor (45 HP plus) with a single BEDFORMER attatched producing up to 30 acres of perfectly formed beds a day. 

SAM’s LISTER BAR is easily adjusted to pre mark the soil at widths compatible with your existing farm machinery with bolt on assemblies as listed above. For more information on wheel centre to wheel centre measurements, refer to the BROADACRE BEDFORMER. 

The front rippers deep rip the soil, while the furrowers at the rear of the LISTER BAR push the soil out, leaving a groove. Then, using a triple (Broadacre) or single BEDFORMER, perfectly level, compacted beds are formed in a single pass.

 Lister Bar

JC – 510 (3x1.70 BEDS)

JC – 585 (3x1.95 BEDS)


  • Pioneer furrowers
  • Agrowplow adjustable furrowers
  • C + M wide furrowers + Leg trips
  • Standard Pioneer wedge + clamps + H.T. legs
  • Janke Bros. row crop assemblies
  • Flexi coil spring release assemblies (many interchangable configurations available to suit your requirements)
  • Also available 20″ & 24″ deep ripping shanks, for bed busting / bed preparation.

 Lister / Fertiliser rig

Our Lister Bars can also come fitted with 3 fertiliser bins mounted with coil tynes for fertiliser or Urea applications and more.