Triple Bedformer


Bedforming is the critical aspect of raised bed farming. The SAM Bedformer allows for control over how the beds are compacted and shaped. Once the settings are correct for any given application, the Bedformer produces ‘given size’ compacted beds every time, in one pass.

The broadacre Triple Bedformer can rip, form and compact 10.9 acres per hour and has no moving parts, minimising wear.

All ground engaging tools, boats, plows, deep ripping clamps and smudgers are bolted assemblies for easy field adjustments with ring spanners.

Available construction categories:

for all soil types, with twin front toolbars for bed surface deep ripping with all heavy duty components as standard.


for all soil types, with twin front toolbars, this version comes with BISOLOY (2nd skin) top plate and BISOLOY (2nd skin) boats and all replacement cutting edges with tungsten as standard.

Two variable bed heights are available :

  1. Standard 4½” (115mm) variable to 6″ (150mm) bed heights.
  2. Standard 7″ (175mm) variable to 9″ (220mm) bed heights are achievable.

You do not get fluffy or loose soil, so you do not get plant movement when using our Bedformer. Never! 
 Creating "given size" compacted beds every time
 Triple Bedformer

The SAM BROADACRE BEDFORMER is fully customisable to allow for all individual requirements. It can come with many options ensuring the beds you form are perfectly compatable with your machinery, crop and crop management practices. This enables you, the farmer, to order a BEDFORMING package suitable for you.

Normal working of the soil is required for RBM BEDFORMERS, and deep ripping prior to bedforming is most desirable. See SAM’s Lister Bar for information on soil preparation.

The first step in ordering your BEDFORMER is to measure your existing machinery’s wheel centres, for example: tractor, boom spray direct drills, cultivators/renovators and combine wheels. All need to be put on paper and a common tyre centre to tyre centre is then gained. An example would be having your tractor rims reversed, boom spray wheels widened using spacer blocks, or having your seeder wheels moved out, to match your tractor’s / combine’s tyre centres. Once you have this information and have a common wheel centre measurement, you are ready to order your BEDFORMER, built with the correct furrow centres to co-inside with your existing machinery using the new common wheel centre measurement. 

* Made by the company that has the flexibility to build a Raised Bed Management System for any purpose.