The key advantage of the SAM Horticultural Raised Bed Management system is the quantum leap in productivity achieved with the development of the Bedlocker and the Power Weeder/S-Tyne Weeder which permits many additional processes such as seeding, transplanting, weeding, etc. to be carried out accurately on up to 3 beds at a time by one operator.

The following, exceptionally robust, quality built machinery has been designed and developed by SAM Developments Pty. Ltd. as a complete horticultural Raised Bed Management (RBM) system.

Bedforming is the first phase in SAM’s Raised Bed Management (RBM) system. The Beformer is designed to produce uniform, level, full-width beds in one pass. Bed top compaction is fully adjustable and furrow centres are designed to be compatible with your existing machinery. more…

Phase 2 of the RBM system is bedlocking. When the next step is planting / seeding, the bedlocker is attached to your seeder / planter to perfectly guide the rows on each bed. The beds themselves act as tram tracks for the bedlocker which literally locks onto the bed sides giving accurate guidance for this operation. more…

This machinery has two important functions. 

  1. When attached in front of the bedformer, the IPF deep rips the furrows, protecting the bedformers square plows. Deep rippers may also be attached to the second toolbar to deep rip the bed surface.
  2. With coil tynes attached, the IPF is used for operations such as cultivation and deep banding fertiliser. more…

S.A.M. has adapted the conventional reverse till cultivator into a multi-purpose crop renovator, capable of producing outstanding results in applications from broadacre to viticulture through to market gardening…all in one-pass. Adaptability is the key word…in widths from 500mm to 4 metres, and working at depths to 250mm. Multiple bed combinations are available. more…


This machine represents a major technological advancement in weed control. Designed to eliminate most of the labour associated with intensive problems of weed control without the use of expensive chemicals, the power weeder is built to weed up to 6 rows of crop per bed. Allowing for depth adjustment and varibale speed knife control, it can be set up to suit almost any horticultural crop type and 95% of soil types. more…

The S-Tyne works the same way the power weeder does with the exception of a few features. Allowing for limited depth control, the s-tyne weeder is built for lighter soil types, where accuracy is not paramount. Both weeders come with a bed locking system, which is designed to secure the weeder in place, the beds giving guidance. Oscillating knife blades mimic hand chipping under the surface at the crown of the weeds, these reciprocating horizontal blades penetrate the soil, lifting and dislodging weeds to within cm’s of the growing plants. more..


PRBM Power Weeder to suit 2, 3, 4 and 5 rows of crop
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