Bed Renovator 


Bed Renovator 

Raised bed management has revolutionised the agribusiness. More and more farmers are realising the many benefits of this type of farming…higher yields across the spectrum and full utilisation of paddock for efficiency and profitability. S.A.M. has adapted the conventional reverse till cultivator into a multi-purpose crop renovator, capable of producing outstanding results in applications from broadacre to viticulture through to market gardening…all in one-pass. Adaptability is the key word…in widths from 500mm to 4 metres, and working at depths to 250mm. Multiple bed combinations are available. 

The bed renovator principle combines a rotor that turns against the direction of travel with a series of non-panning blades, which lifts the soil over the top of the rotor and presents it to a finger-grid across the rear of the machine. This combination of blade and finger-grid action gives superior seed beds – all crop residues, clods and stone are laid at the base of the trough, and fine tilth creates an instant seed bed. The mesh roller gives optimum bed compaction and seed-to-soil contact. Research has shown a high increase in both seed germination and yields using this method. 


  • Increase profitability. Water-logging virtually eliminated. Irrigation minimised for stock, cropping or horticulture purposes. 
  • Longevity of soil management. Previously unproductive land can be utilised. Crop rotation can be continuous throughout the seasons.

Bed Renovator


INTRODUCING the latest in single pass cultivators, the reverse till produces the perfect seedbed. In one pass it buries rocks, trash, organic matter and breaks up clods, renovates seedbeds directly after harvest and prepares virgin soil into the perfect seed bed for ideal seed to soil contact. 


People are very conscious of cost efficiency and the less number of times they go across the paddock is a big advantage. After a paddock has been ripped or ploughed you are straight in with the REVERSE TILLinstead of going over it three or four times. Just realise in Australia, this unique machine combines a patented non-panning blade design with a reverse rotation rotor and finger screen discharge hood to preform near perfect cultivation for all types of crop production. In one pass it buries rocks up to 160mm and all other residue in its path to the perfect tilth. 

The heavy duty reverse rotation rotor throws all stones and soil against a selection gate and the material is sorted by density covering the bed with a blanket of fine soil. The incorporation grader blade levels the bed top and the roller compacts the finish. 

The manufacturer says the technique maintains soil structure within the cultivation depth, giving a seedbed of perfect density, favouring a maximum (up to 99%) seed germination rate and faster growth, equalling a more inform crop. 

The revolutionary new concept is so versatile it can be used in both broadacre and horticulture, for flat country or raised bed farming, as well as a number of other industries Including: Road building, forestry, Landscaping, Greenkeeping, Golfcourses, Vineyards and Turf growers. 

The bed renovator kit is easy to remove and allows you reverse till cultivator to be ready to work on flat country… Refitting the bed renovator kit is fast and easy and you are ready to renovate or form beds on command. 

Optional extras can include “Grass Seed Box”. Drip tray applications can be designed and fitted, as can fertiliser boxes, etc, all for one pass operations. 

Bed top compaction, furrow base width and bed hight can be varied to suit your requirements.