Bed locking is the second phase of SAM’s Raised Bed Management concept, giving guidance from the perfectly compacted beds which act like ‘tram lines’ or rails for accurate sowing / planting on the bed top relative to the bed sides. The Bed Locker is universal (fits all) bed widths and heights and is available for single or triple beds. The Bed Locker floats behind the tractor locking the front toolbar skis onto the bed shape and after mounting the second set of skis to the rear of any implement guarantees accuracy of all other subsequent operations required, using the bed sides as ‘tram lines’ for C.T.F. (Controlled Traffic Farming). 

 The Australian Land Invention of the Year Award


  • Strong, robust construction as our standard design.
  • The Bed Locker has been carefully designed using teflon non-stick surfaces on the base and edges of the skis to ensure accurate guidance from the compacted bed edges in all soils and weather conditions with good wear characteristics.
  • All Bed Lockers come standard with a second set of skis with legs and clamps to be mounted on the rear of your equipment which then locks the rear end to the bed sides.
  • The Bed Locker is an excellent guidance toolbar for use in C.T.F (Controlled Traffic Farming) and permanent bed philosophy to reduce damage to crops, machinery and bed shape, allowing the beds to retain thier form for a much greater period of time.

Power harrow / rotary hoe type bed shaper owners can also adopt the RBM system. Using the Bed Locker to plant accurately enables use of the Power / S-Tyne Weeder, as both will accomodate any bed width, shape or heights encountered. 


  • Any size made to order
  • Single and Triple versions are available and are custom designed to accommodate varying bed widths, heights, shapes, sizes and crops.
  • Many brackets, for example: air seeder blower mounts, transplanter mounting for diamond mounting etc. are available as optional extras to accommodate any existing machinery you may have.
  • Special P.T.O. Bedlocker frames can be designed for mounting any equipment, for example ; mounting 3 transplanters per bed top.
  • Bolt in ‘Silent Blocks’ fitted between the toolbars will give cushioning and stability in transport mode while still maintaining its pivot joint steering from the rear toolbar skis.

All this is achievable by SAM’s UNIQUE RBM SYSTEM of using perfectly compacted, formed RAISED BEDS as ‘tram lines’. Delivering guidance in sowing accuracy, bed top seed placement and seed & fertiliser depth control. Higher germination is achieved due to the compacted soil beds and direct drilling with excellent soil to seed contact, which then translates to accuracy in the cultivation, weeding phase of your crop and saving in time, labour, crop damage and dollars.