Intermediate Plow Frame  



The Intermediate Plow Frame (IPF) adds versatility to other RBM operations: 

The IPF in bedforming:


One: When attached between the Bedformer and tractor, the deep ripping shanks on the IPF clear rocks and roots from the path of the Bedformer. This provides the Bedformer’s square plows with protection against potentially damaging obstacles in rough conditions. 

Two: By fitting deep rippers to the second toolbar on the IPF, the bed surface can be deep ripped in the same pass. 

Three: On the third toolbar, coil tynes can be fitted for cultivation, deep banding fertiliser via a bin mounted above the IPF or on the front of the tractor and more.

The IPF in bed renovating:


Achieving all of the operations the IPF brings to bedforming plus using other toolbars for future requirements such as bed exploding, fertiliser bin mounting, cultivator points, deep banding or tillage using coil tynes.

These are just a sampling of the versatility added to bedforming and renovating. The IPF is a multi faceted toolbar limited ony by your imagination. 


  • Comes complete with 2 deep ripping shanks.
  • The IPF has an adjustable top linkage for rake settings for use in bedforming or bed renovating with rear toolbar angle (rack) adjustability being invaluable in soil placement, soil pick-up and soil flow of the Bedformer.
  • Designed with the RBM standard deep rippers & clamps, standard RBM square plows & clamps and Primary Sales Australia coil tynes, and suits all bed heights and widths.


  • The Intermediate Plow Frame (I.P.F.) comes complete with adjustable clamps with depth control settings. The 2 x 20″ shanks are complete with shin guards and shear pin protection and tungsten tipped points. Rear fertiliser tubes are optional, as are weeder wings (bolt on mulch blades).
  • Primary Sales Australia 390lb coil tynes with rear seed fertiliser tubes are also available as are 9 different styles of tungsten points. The tyne assemblies come with U-Bolts and tyne locators as standard. These tynes can be mounted on the 3 x 3 RHS toolbar to work in bed top or bed sides as required. 2 types of Primary Sales Australia 1″ Coil Tynes are used (horizontally & vertically mounted) to 3″ or 4″ toolbars to suit many configurations.
  • For best results when bedforming or bed renovating, we suggest a hydraulic top linkage to be used in place of manual screw top linkage (supplied) for quick adjustments, allowing for non-stop adjustments as you go, a must in undulating conditions.