Power Weeder  



The Power Weeder has been designed to eliminate most of the labour associated with intensive problems of weed control without the use of expensive chemicals. It has its own built in bedlocker and is available (only) in single bed models. 

This Weeder will handle up to 6 rows of crop per bed and weeds down to 30mm 1 ½” from the crop. Weeding on every single row is by means of variable speed knives, which give good trash clearance, long life and are self sharpening with adjustments for depth, width and blade angle (for tilth or difficult conditions). 

Now crops either transplanted or precision sown seed can be weeded with a mechanical weeder, designed to commence work from weeks after sowing, also giving the crop a light cultivation. 

Labour saving, reducing chemical inputs, minimum soil disturbance, less soil compaction and improved soil structure are our guarantees and the Weeder can now operate in closer proximity to the plants, greatly increasing the weeded area, all this adds up to $ saving in productions.

 The Australian Land Invention of the Year Award

  • Excellent under frame clearance up to 550mm 20″
  • The Power Weeder is suitable for 95% of all soil types
  • Oscillating knife blades mimic hand chipping under the surface at the crown of the weeds, these reciprocating horizontal blades penetrate the soil, lifting and dislodging weeds to within cm’s of the growing plants.
  • Adjustable oscillating travel of blades for varying conditions and soil disturbance requirements.

More Features:

  • Controlled Weeder blade depth, follows the bed surface contours, via teflon coated bed top skis, also with full width adjustments to suit in the most trying conditions and after guiding off the uniformed shape bed, it then weeds the angle of repose of the bed and rebuilds the bed shape for subsequent passes, the rebuilders and bedlocking skis are also width, height and angle adjustable to suit aging or changing bed shape conditions.
  • The Weeder is free floating, hitched behind the tractor, and the built-in Bedlocker locks onto the bed and ensures complete and carefree accuracy without additional steering.
  • Only the “POWER WEEDER” model has the full flotation inner deck. This model has full contour control, depth control and speed control with a toolbar for foliage guards, with height and width adjustments for the front bedlocking skis and the rear mounted re-builders with replaceable cutting edges and optional tungsten edges for abrasive conditions.
  • All this is done with the assurance that the crop will not be destroyed by the weeder. WHY? Because of the Raised Bed Tracking System created by known SIZES, compacted Raised Beds which our (Teflon) bedlocking skis lock onto, this gives the Weeder its exacting ACCURACY. 
    See “S-Tyne Weeder” for options…