S-Tyne Weeder  



The S-Tyne weeder does a similar job to the Power Weeder. Available for up to 5 beds per pass (that’s a maximum of 30 rows of crop in a single pass!) the S-Tyne weeder is for use in light soils and where accuracy is not paramount. S-Tyne Weeders are fixed rigid with slight depth control, but do not float independent of the outer frame like the Power Weeder model. 

Weeder Options:

  • Standard models come complete with 3 rows per bed top of hoe legs, clamps and knives, (option) if more crop rows are envisaged, additional hoe legs, clamps and knife blades are available in the spare parts list under Power Weeder.
  • Side knives for water penetration can be added.
  • Foliage guards for small crop protection (2 designs) are optional extras.
  • Spray bars can be fitted.
  • Fertilising units for side dressing and bed top incorporating.
  • Your existing rigid hoe legs and wedge & clamp style fixtures can also be used in our system.

 S-Tyne Weeder

 Power Weeder

 Weeding up close

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