Single Bed Former  



Bedforming is the first phase of the RBM (Raised Bed Management) concept in horticulture. SAM’s Bedformers create uniform, level, full width beds with any amount of bed top compaction in one pass and with no moving parts. A single Bedformer without deep rippers attached can form beds behind a small 35 hp tractor, using SAM’s unique square plows without pulverising the soil. 


  • Strong, robust construction as our standard design.
  • Single Bedformers can rip, form & compact 2.3 acres per hour.
  • Custom design bedformers with centre of furrow to centre of furrow measurements are built to suit your tractor, combine, harvestor, spraybar and bedformer’s (new common measurement) wheel centre. (See Triple Bedformer for more information)
  • All ground engaging tools, boats, plows, deep ripping clamps and smudgers are bolted assemblies for easy field adjustments with ring spanners.
  • All high wear areas have cross hatched hard-facing to act as your wear indicator and add life.
  • Designed for control traffic lane & permanent bed philosophy.

3 Construction categories are available:

LIGHT DUTY :for sand to fluffy loam, it is without deep ripping ability and comes standard with bisoloy blades. This version is budget priced for standard wear conditions.

HEAVY DUTY :for all soil types, with twin front toolbars for bed surface deep ripping with all heavy duty components as standard.

HIGH WEAR :for all soil types, with twin front toolbars, this version comes with BISOLOY (2nd skin) top plate and BISOLOY (2nd skin) boats and all replacement cutting edges with tungsten as standard.

 Single Bedformer
Each SAM Bedformer is custom built to fit your existing machinery. They are height and width adjustable to allow for diversity in crops and are built tough to last the distance.Options:

  • Height adjustable clamps for deep ripping, shear pin protection for bed surface subsoiling and centre furrow ripping.
  • Hydraulic lift & lower seeder or transplanter toolbar for one pass forming & planting.
  • Bedforming and piggyback seeding or transplanting in one pass is an option, using the optional hydraulic lift & lower Bedformer rear toolbar.
  • Individual hydraulic Disc Markers (heavy duty) to suit all models.

 Creating "given size" compacted beds every time
Made by the company that has the flexibility to build a Raised Bed Management System for any purpose.