SAM’s RBM System in Organic Farming

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Bed Forming and Seeding Corn in one pass
Bed Forming and Seeding Corn in one pass.

Transplanting cabbages into the bed using the Bedlocker for accurate guidance
Transplanting cabbages into thebed using the Bedlocker for accurate guidance.

Weeding the new cabbages with the Mechanical Weeder
Weeding the new cabbages with the Mechanical Weeder. Note uncultivated crop lines.

Transplanted cabbage after weeding
Transplanted cabbage after weeding.

Transplanted cabbage after weeding
Renovating the beds ready for the next crop.

The original purpose of the Raised Bed Management System being designed back in 1990 – 1994 was to address the problems associated with weeding and cultivation of organic crops being grown without the use of chemicals.

In 1993 our first organic grower Mr Lindsay Wadeson trialed the complete system: 1 Bedformer, 2 Bedlockers/TransplantersBedlocker/Seeder and the heart of the RBM System the Single Bed Power Weeder. Lindsay grew Brassicas on Raised Beds to Continually crop cauliflower’s, cabbages and broccoli and used break crops of sweet corn and rye corn. At the end of the season he stated the system was excellent and he said the weeder was extremely accurate, and had a weed kill of 95% of the bed top, the remaining 5% was his 2 inch wide line of crop. The rebuilding of the bed shape was also a great benefit.

With Brassicas, the stubble left can prove difficult to handle. SAM suggests mulching the stubble and direct drilling with a new double disc opening. Coulter direct drilling crops such as sweet corn, peas, onions, garlic, beans etc or even flowers.

Terry Mathers from Towoomba QLD, purchased his complete system in 1999 for extensive use in medicinal herb production, while in Rakaia NZ. Lindsay McLaughlan is using the complete system for conventional farming and the organic production of carrots, etc.

The main benefits to you and your crops, raised beds warm quickly in the sun, raised beds have better soil structure, better water infiltration, less compaction, more organic matter and higher yields with less tractor passes and less preparation. With the introduction of the power weeder and better soil structure from the RBM System, organic farming becomes easier.

For the first time in Australia and possibly the world a company has designed a new and complete system of farming that will totally revamp old methods of farming and help sustain the worlds soils.

The RBM System concept was brought about with the philosophy of minimum tillage / no-till, zero chemical usage and permanent bed philosophy.

The new RBM System concept is designed to be totally flexible and adaptable to almost any crop, soil type, scale of development and agronomic method of farming. If organic growing is your game the RBM System is your turn key to a sustainable future.